Microblading, Fibroblast, Sugaring, Spray Tanning


This is where the why and the how become WOW.

Coco Beautdega is about more than a great pair of brows.

Through education, consultation, and personal connection your time with me is meticulously crafted.

I’ll be here to support your journey before, during and after treatment.

My ultimate goal is for you to leave armed with more self-esteem, confidence, and knowledge than you came in with.


henna brow | brow shaping

Ready to say good-bye to filling in your brows everyday?

Say hello to henna! Henna brow tint is chemical free, all natural, customized just for you and is applied in a pain free treatment!

lash lift & tint

Do you wish you could toss your mascara and eyelash curler for good?

What if I told you I could keep your lashes curled and looking gorgeous and all you had to do was sit back and relax for 30 minutes?

Microblading | Manual Shading

Did you go a little overboard with the tweezers?

Let me map out the perfect brow design just for you. Microblading is a semi-permanent way to create your dream brow. Wake up ready to take on the world.


Sunless Spray Tanning

Oh hello, healthy glow!

A Sunnatan Sunless Spray Tan is customized to give you a perfect, even tan without the nasty chemicals. This way to the beach!

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Have you already decided on how you want to treat yourself?

You don’t need to keep scrolling or wade through a million web pages. Click the button below and you can go straight to my booking page. Can’t wait to chat!

body sugaring

What’s all the hype around sugaring?

It’s safe, natural, gentle - and the big bonus, it’s suitable for men and women of all ages, skin types and hair textures. What are you waiting for?

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Head shot of microblade artist Corey Alison of Coco Beautdega

Oh, hey there.

Corey Alison; Microblading and shading Artist, lash lifter, perfect glow giver while being a mom of two little humans…and hank the dog

I opened Coco Beautdega to provide a variety of services that all revolve around one thing; Your Confidence. By using procedures like Microblading and Powder Shading along with a variety of tinting options, my clients have been able to kick their Brow confidence and self-esteem into high gear. I added in all of the other services because they all have the same goal; naturally enhancing what your mama gave you!

Coco Beautdega is the perfect mix of all things pretty and all things clean and safe.  My clients can relax knowing that I’ve married my two passions; making clients look and feel their best with my background in Infection Control which means I can offer Medical Esthetic services in a safe environment.

From the moment we meet, I’ll make you feel comfortable about the treatment or procedure you’ve chosen because you’ll understand exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into...and we’ll definitely have a few laughs along the way.

Are you ready to get started?



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