Body Sugaring

+ What is sugaring?

It’s an ancient art of hair removal using a natural paste made from lemon, sugar, and water. The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of your hair growth, then quickly flicked off. It removes the sugar paste, extracts your unwanted hair and also collects any dead skin.

The hair is extracted in the direction of the growth which means less irritation and breakage. There is less waste as there are no strips or sticks and the paste and gloves are thrown out after you leave.

+ How long does my hair need to be?

The benchmark is 3 WEEKS since you have last shaved.

+ How often do I need to get sugared?

This can vary greatly depending on the body part and your individual hair growth. For areas below the waist, it’s recommended that you stick to every 4 weeks, whereas your underarms and eyebrows often need to be done more than once per month.

The more often you get sugared, the longer the hair will stay away after each visit!

+ Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

Avoid sunbathing for 48 hours before or after your sugaring appointment. Try to not put any moisturizers on the skin 24 hours before treatment. You can also:

  • Exfoliate the area gently before your sugaring appointment
  • Pop a couple of Advil before your appointment to help with the pain
  • Make sure the hair is at least ¼” long (try to aim for ½” - the longer, the better!)
  • If it’s your first time try not to be nervous! It will be just fine

+ Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?

Oh gosh no. It will actually grow back thinner. Sugaring removes hair from the root which discourages hair growth. With regular appointments your hair growth will reduce and new, thinner hairs will take longer to appear.

+ What should I do after my sugaring treatment?

You need to exfoliate in the shower EVERY day. You can use a washcloth with an exfoliating scrub, a natural bristle pad or shower gloves.

+ When is sugaring not for me?

When you’re on Accutane you aren’t able to get sugared (you need to have completed your cycle to get the all clear). Also, if you are using Retin-A, make sure you wait 3-5 days before you book a treatment.

+ Does sugaring hurt?

Yes. You’re having hair pulled out by the root so of course, it’s going to hurt, but it’s just for a split second, and you’re all big boys and girls right? After all, if you want to have beautiful smooth skin, it’s a little pain for a lot of gains - and trust me, the second time is like a walk in the park. Plus, I’m a grown lady, so if you need to drop a couple of f-bombs, I’m all here for it.