Microblading & Manual Shading


Initial Microblading Appointment

Two-Part Session For New Clients, Approximate Appointment Time is Two Hours


Part one will take place on the scheduled date and include the following:

  • Consultation

  • Brow Mapping

  • Selection of brow design and color (discussion of Manual Shading add on $50+)

  • The pigment will be implanted into your skin

Part two will be a scheduled touch up to adjust any faded areas, layer upon the current pigment and keep your brows looking great! This follow up visit must occur within 6-8 weeks of your initial appointment.


The second visit is mandatory within 8 weeks to receive a complimentary follow-up.

If you’re unable to schedule an appointment within this time-frame, you can book the “Extended Touch-Up” for $150.


Manual Shading
$50 +

Manual shading is often a complementary procedure done in combination with Microblading to give your brow a more substantial “Powder Brow” look. It’s also how the Manual Ombre Brows are created.

This service will be quoted at the time of booking.


Microblading - Extended Touch Up $150

This service is for clients that are looking for touch-ups to color from 8 weeks (and 1 day) up to 6 months after their initial appointment. If it has been more than 6 months, please refer to my Refresher package.

This will include hair-strokes and shading.


Microblading - Refresher

This service is for clients that are looking for an annual refresher for their color.

This will include both hair-strokes and shading.

This package can be booked 6 months to 2 years after initial appointment. If it has been more than 2 years, please book a full Microblading package.


To receive the refresher price ($225), brows must have been originally created by Corey


All New Clients will be charged for an initial microblading appointment ($375) on their first visit


A $50 deposit will be required upon booking your appointment

Henna Brows/Brow Shaping

Henna Brows

What is Henna Brow tint? 

Henna Brow tint is exactly like a regular Brow tint - ONLY BETTER! No chemicals are used in this procedure and it typically lasts about 2 weeks longer than a regular Brow tint.  You've heard of Mehndi, yes?  Think beautiful Hand Art derived from Ancient India or look at this gorgeous work

Using the same dye from the same tree leaves, we can get gorgeous, customized colours that are Natural AND Long Lasting! The best part? Since it dyes your skin too, you really do get that polished, powder brow fill for approximately 2 weeks - with NO PAIN ASSOCIATED with the procedure!


What can you expect? 

Your Henna Brow appointment will take approximately 30 minutes. Using all of the perfected Brow Mapping skills I have through Microblading and Sugaring, I’ll map out your brows before picking your proper colour. Since Henna is like hair dye, it can take a few trial and errors to get your perfect colour. Every hair and skin type is different and reacts differently to dye (just like your head hair) so a "one dye/colour suits all" mentality won't work here.  

You’re absolutely able to book a Brow Sugaring to go with your Henna Brow appointment! This will add approximately 15 mins to your appointment. 

How many treatments are required?

That’s entirely up to you! Some people use this service every 4 weeks. Some people use how I shape their brows with Henna as a guide to learn how to fill their own brows in.

How long will the results last? 

No one person is like the next! So many things can alter how long your results last such as; 

  • oily vs. dry skin 

  • excess exfoliating/face washing 

  • washing your brows within the first 24hrs 

  • how many hairs you have present at the time of the procedure  

In a perfect world where everything is how it should be, you can expect Henna Brows to last 2 weeks on the skin and 4 weeks on the hairs.  

Is Henna Tint right for me? 

There are very few circumstances where this may not be the best for you. Most of them are either allergies or skin disorders that are present in the brow area. If you have any questions with specific conditions that you have, please don't hesitate to reach out




Just Henna  (30mins) | $50

This includes custom shape and colour consult and Henna Application

Custom Clean up (45mins) | $70

Henna + Sugar Shaping

Express Brow (45mins) | $65

Henna + Sugar Shaping

Divine Details (60mins) | $75

Henna + Sugar Shaping + Concealer/Grooming Lesson


Dark haired woman giving the peace sign with great brows

Brow Shaping

Express Brows (up to 15 mins)

This service is for clients who need their brows looking #onfleek in a hurry!

This will include a clean up of strays with sugar, trim and minimal tweezing.

Custom Clean Up (up to 30 mins)

This service is for clients who need some face to brow time.

This will include a custom brow consult, followed by a sugar, trim, shape and fine detailing with tweezing.

Divine Details (up to 40 mins)

This service is for clients that need to go from disheveled to diva.

This will include a custom brow consult, fix and trim, shape with sugar, followed by detailing with tweezers. Once your shape is perfect we’ll conclude with concealer, brow-fill, and a ‘brow make-up’ lesson.

Lash Lift & Tint

What is Lash Lift and Tint?

close up of a brilliant blue eye

Welcome to the best way to enhance your lashes without getting extensions or false lashes. You may have heard of this service before under the name "Lash Perm." However, perms went out with the 90's, and the name got a "lift" to keep up with the times.

Why was it called a "Lash Perm?" Lifting your lashes uses the same process as perming your hair! Just like with a hair perm, we put your lashes on a rod that will give us the shape of the "curl" that we're looking for. Then we use a lifting solution followed by the setting solution.

How does it work?

This is a two step clinical process that will happen to your lashes (three if a tint is used). It works by processing, then setting your lashes to a rod specific to your eye shape and lash length.


What can I expect?

Please come to your appointment with clean eyelashes - that means, NO MAKEUP.

If you have booked your appointment during your workday or are heading out somewhere directly after your appointment, you may want to bring any face makeup to touch it up AFTER your appointment.

You CANNOT get your lashes wet for 24hrs post-treatment so you won't be able to do your eye makeup directly following the appointment.

Don't plan on hitting the sauna or hot tub until after 24hrs - unless you want your results to fail. The treatment is still setting during this time and any wetness, including steam, will alter how they set.

Your eyes will be closed for the duration of this appointment. Special precautions are taken to ensure your bottom lashes do not get lifted - which includes using an adhesive tape.

A curling "rod" will be chosen for your specific Lash Lift wants/needs. The rod adheres to your eyelid and lashes are lifted onto the rod. A 2-step processing procedure is done, and then (if applicable) the tint will be applied. It only takes water to get the glue to "unstick" itself from your lashes and eyelids and BAM! Gorgeous, lifted lashes for WEEKS!


How long will my the results last?

The Lash Lift Results will last the duration of your lash life cycle: typically 6 weeks.

*subject to client adhering to not getting them wet during the first 24hrs

Post-treatment Tint Results vary: typical effects last up to 2 weeks.

*dependent on makeup use and vigorous washing habits


Is Lash Lift and Tint right for me?

Providing there are no allergies to the tint ingredients, there should be no reason tint isn't right for you! There are certain circumstances when your lashes may be too short, OR your eye shape may prevent getting ALL of your lashes on the rod to lift. If you're curious about the possibilities, feel free to contact me with pictures, and I will do my best to consult with you via email.



Lash Lift (30mins)


Lash Lift & Lash Tint (45mins)


Lash Tint (20mins)


Add On Pricing


Lash Lift (30mins)

Added to your Microblading or Fibroblast Appointment


Lash Lift & Tint (45mins)

Added to your Microblading or Fibroblast Appointment


Lash Lift & Henna Brow (45mins)


Lash Lift & Henna Brow & Last Tint (45mins)


Lash Lift & Tint & Henna Brow & Sugar Shaping (60mins)

Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring

all ages. all races. all skin types. all hair textures. all people. all good.


What is sugaring?

Body sugaring is the ancient art of hair removal using a natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water.

The paste is molded onto your skin against the direction of your hair growth, then quickly flicked off. It removes the sugar paste, extracts your unwanted hair and also collects the dead skin.

The hair is extracted in the direction of the growth which means less irritation and breakage for you. There’s less waste compared to waxing as the process doesn’t require strips or sticks. And you can be confident knowing that the paste and gloves are thrown out after you leave.

It’s gentle, environmentally friendly and effective - win, win, win. 🖤


Services & Pricing

The Bikinis


Brazilian (first visit)

All gone from front to back | Strip or triangle optional


Brazilian (regular maintenance)

Must return within six weeks of your last appointment


French | The teeny weeny bikini

Extra off the top and sides includes between the cheeks (optional)


the Canadian Bikini

A little off the top and just inside the panty line, not between cheeks


The Face


Combine any 2 services for $17


Combine any 3 services for $25


upper lip | $10



CHIN | $10



CHEEKS | $10



Let’s Talk Sugaring

+ How long does my hair need to be?

The benchmark is 3 WEEKS since your last shave.

+ How often do I need to get sugared?

This can vary greatly depending on the body part and your individual hair growth. For areas below the waist, it’s recommended that you stick to every 4 weeks, whereas your underarms and eyebrows often need to be done more than once per month. The more often you get sugared, the longer the hair will stay away after each visit!

+ Do I need to prepare for my appointment?

Avoid sunbathing for 48 hours before or after your sugaring appointment. Try to not put any moisturizers on the skin 24 hours before treatment. You can also:

  • Exfoliate the area gently before your sugaring appointment
  • Pop a couple of Advil before your appointment to help with the pain
  • Make sure the hair is at least ¼” long (try to aim for ½” - the longer, the better!)
  • If it’s your first time try not to be nervous! It will be just fine

+ Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?

Oh gosh no. It will actually grow back thinner. Sugaring removes hair from the root which discourages hair growth. With regular appointments your hair growth will reduce and new, thinner hairs will take longer to appear.

+ What should I do after my sugaring treatment?

You need to exfoliate in the shower EVERY day. You can use a washcloth with an exfoliating scrub, a natural bristle pad or shower gloves.

+ When is sugaring not for me?

When you’re on Accutane you aren’t able to get sugared (you need to have completed your cycle to get the all clear). Also, if you are using Retin-A, make sure you wait 3-5 days before you book a treatment.

+ Does sugaring hurt?

Yes. You’re having hair pulled out by the root so of course, it’s going to hurt, but it’s just for a split second, and you’re all big boys and girls right? After all, if you want to have beautiful smooth skin, it’s a little pain for a lot of gain - and trust me, the second time is like a walk in the park. Plus, I’m a grown lady, so if you need to drop a couple of f-bombs, I’m all here for it.

Sunless Spray Tanning

Sunless Spray Tanning

Appointment Time: 30 minutes

What is Sunless Spray tanning?

At Coco Beautdega I’ll customize your organic tan to your specific skin tone and type for that flawless, natural shade without the harmful chemicals.

The ‘tan’ from most sunless tanners comes from the coloring agent dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a simple carbohydrate. DHA binds to the proteins on the skin’s surface, forming brownish melanin-like molecules called ‘melanoids’ that make the skin appear tan. Unlike UV, DHA does not penetrate beyond the skin surface. It is only active in the skins outermost layer.


Why Choose Sunnatan?

+ Flawless airbrush tan





+Organic ingredients

+Green tea & essential oils

+Hides imperfections

+Zero chemicals

+Custom blended

Services & Price List


Regular Spray Tan

Full Body Tan | $40

With Contouring | $45

Legs Only | $18


Quick Tan

4hr Quick Rinse | $45

With Contouring | $50

Travel fee may apply // ask me about Group rates


+ How long will my Spray Tan last?

Sunnatan spray tan lasts between 5-10 days, beginning to fad evenly after 4-5 days. Best results are achieved when you get your tan 2 days before an event.

+ Will I be tanned right away?

Yes, however the tan will continue to develop just past the 24 hour mark and then begin to fade slowly and evenly.

+ What’s the difference between a spray tan and a quick rinse?

With a Sunnatan Regular Sunless Spray Tan the solution “bakes” onto your skin for 8-12 hours before your will rinse the solution off your skin for the desired color.

Quick Rinse is customizable for darkness and you’re able to rinse anywhere from 1-4 hours post Sunless Spray Tan.

+ What should I wear to my tanning appointment?

You should wear loose, dark clothing to the appointment as there might be a little bit of color transference onto clothing within the first few hours.

+ How should I prepare for my Sunless Spray Tan?

  • Don’t exfoliate or shower right before your appointment
  • Make sure to be exfoliating regularly the week prior, in order to smooth the skin and get rid of any dry flaky areas
  • The day before your appointment you can shower, shave, exfoliate and moisturize to best prepare the skin
  • The same day you can have a quick rinse off but avoid applying any lotions or oils to the skin