Microblading, Fibroblast, Sugaring, Spray Tanning


Congrats on your new Beautiful Brows!! I'm not kidding when I say this was a game-changing decision. We chatted about your aftercare, what to look for, what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do. The most important thing for you to remember is to keep the area as dry as possible and DO NOT PICK at any scabs if they form. People seem to get very overwhelmed with the aftercare as they’re afraid that they’ll mess up their brows. It's not brain surgery though! Just a few simple things to keep in mind.

+ Day 1: Procedure Day

Plasma will continue to come out of the hairlike strokes during the day. Keep some damp cotton rounds, or paper towel around and just clean/wipe the area GENTLY every hour or so. The goal is not to let the plasma harden.

Before going to sleep this night do one last wipe and then put some of the cream you were given on each brow. No need to cake it on, use a Q-Tip and only put about a rice-sized amount on both brows

Be sure to change your pillowcase to a fresh, clean one before hitting the hay! We want to keep as much bacteria away from your brows as possible.

Try to sleep on your back as best as you can for the next 7-10 days.

+ Day 2- 14: Initial MOST IMPORTANT Healing Time

The ultimate goal here is to keep your brows dry. That means adhering to the following:

YES! YOU CAN SHOWER/WASH YOUR FACE! What you don't want to do is have the water so hot that you're sweating OR have the water running directly on your face for any given time. For this time period, keep showers for necessary cleaning and just splashes of water to your face or use a face cloth for cleaning. As soon as you're out of the shower, PAT your brows dry with a clean towel or paper towel and apply some more of the cream in the same manner as before.

NO BATHS/SAUNAS/HOT TUBS! These all cause you to sweat, and we are trying to avoid this for the first 10 days! Hot tubs also have a lot of irritating chemicals that mix with your sweat, and we don't want those near your new brows. It's only for 10 days - you can do it!

NO SWIMMING! - in anything. No oceans, lakes or pools. Chemicals, salt and brows too wet. 'Nuff said.

AVOID EXUBERANT EXERCISING! I know you've been looking for an excuse to get out of spin class...here it is! But just for 10 days. Sweat in brows = no bueno. If you absolutely MUST sweat your heart out, then be sure to wear a sweatband.

DO NOT APPLY ANY MAKEUP OR SUNSCREEN until after 14 days. This means staying out of the sun/wearing a hat during this time.

DO NOT GO TANNING! Tanning beds (it's 2018! You know how terrible this is for your skin right?) will literally ruin your brows - as will being in the direct sun during this healing time. Remember that you CANNOT APPLY SUNSCREEN until after 14 days. If you're going to be outside, please wear a hat! Sunless tanning can absolutely be done on your body - but make sure your technician (hopefully you've booked with Coco Beautdega anyways, so she will already know!) is aware that you had your brows done X days ago and they will tan accordingly. Ideally, just wait 2 weeks to get your tan without any complications!

YES! YOU CAN WASH YOUR BROWS! You don't want the cream to get caked on there. As long as you're using FRAGRANCE-FREE, mild soap its fine. Avoid using skin care products.

Day 15-28: Here's what you need to know


It is best to avoid tanning and direct dunlight during this time period. Continue to wear a hat if outside. Sunless tanning is ok on the face at this point - but be sure you have some of your cream on your brows.

It is now ok to apply sunscreen/makeup (but you shouldn't need to!)

You can now get tint done to your brows as well! If you have very light brow hairs, Corey will already have mentioned this to you during your appointment.



Henna Brows

  • Do not get wet or exfoliate for 24 hrs post application 

  • Avoid using products with oil in them as it will break down the Henna faster

Lash Lift & Tint

  • Do not get wet (water or steam) or apply makeup to the lashes for 24 hrs post-treatment.  

  • Using coconut oil 1-2 times/week will help lashes keep their strength  

  • Use a mascara that is nourishing to the lashes 

  • If you have a tint, avoid using coconut oil

Sunless Spray Tanning

Now that you're a golden goddess, here are some helpful tips to refer to if you forget what we talked about!

+ What do you mean by rinse?

Rinse Time: and we mean JUST RINSE. You're just getting the solution off your skin. Your tan is still developing so make sure you don't use any products (soaps, scrubs, etc) and don't make the water blazing hot or too cold. A nice lukewarm rinse to get the bronzers off and you'll be laughing.

Regular Tan: 8-12 hours post tan

Quickie Tan: your depth of color is customizable! You can rinse anywhere from 1-4 hours post tan.

Please note: that if you leave your tan on longer than your solution states, you'll be dancing with the Orange Devil.

+ Your tan will start to fade in approx 5 days if you:

  • Keep showering to a minimum
  • Don't shave (try sugaring perhaps so this isn't an issue??)
  • If you absolutely MUST shave while your tan is still on, use our Coconut oil as a barrier instead of shaving cream/gel/soap. These products will break down the tan and leave you blotchy.
  • Aren't sweating consistently and if you do sweat, blot/pat it away
  • Don't rub!
  • DO NOT BATHE (soaking in the bath is best when its time to exfoliate your tan away)

+ Are you going on vacation with your new tan?

If you plan on being in the ocean, pool or hot tub be sure to arm yourself with some of our touch up products; Keep Me Golden Spray or the Colour me Dark cream with a mitt. We customize your tan to match how your skin would naturally tan in the sun.

For most people, your skin is darker or closer to your spray tan color by day three of your vacation, so you won't notice the spray tan fading out as you begin to get more sun and darken naturally.

BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN! Sunscreen is actually a great way to help protect your Spray Tan from fading from the pool chemicals or salt in the ocean. Since our tan is organic, lean more towards Organic Sunscreens as well. This way, you don't have to worry about the chemicals in sunscreen that aid in breaking down your tan.

If your vacation is just a quick getaway (Vegas anyone?) and you just want to look bomb for 3-4 days and don't care about the fading of your tan, go as dark as you'd like! Just let me know what your plans are, and we will make sure you've got the right tan for the job!

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 Body Sugaring

+ Can I exfoliate afterwards?

Do NOT exfoliate the sugared aread for at least 24 hours post treatment but continue to exfoliate 1-2 times/week or as needed/directed by your sugarist

+ How long do I have to wait to work out?

Avoid working out or going into a Sauna/Hot Tub for at least 4 hours post treatment. If you spend a lot of time at the gym/working out wear underwear.

When you sweat, rinse away thoroughly as to avoid ingrowns.

+ What if I'm prone to ingrown hairs?

If you're prone to ingrowns, ask about our PFB take home options