This is Who I Am.


Coco Beautdega is the perfect mix of ‘all things pretty’ and ‘all things clean and safe.’

As a trained Dental Hygienist with over 10 years of esthetics and beauty industry experience, I decided now was the time to marry my love of science with my creative knack for making people feel and look beautiful – and Coco Beautdega was born.



This is where the why and how becomes wow.

My mission is to marry my two passions of making people look and feel confident with my Dental background in Infection Control. I strive to offer Medical Esthetic services in a safe, clean environment.

I’ll make sure no question is left unanswered. You’ll always understand what’s happening each step of the way, how a treatment will benefit you and what your aftercare plan is.

You will leave feeling beautiful on the inside and out. That’s why my focus is on creating an environment of trust, comfort, education, and support.

My promise

I will never proceed with a treatment or procedure when my professional opinion knows it’s not in your best interest (even if you really believe you need it). Your health (mental and physical) will always be my top priority.

My vibe

At Coco Beautdega, we’re side by side on a cross-country road trip.

Along the way, I’m going to be pointing out lots of landmarks so make sure you keep your ears open. Oh, and watch out cause I play a mean punch buggy. That’s right; it’s not all learning over here!